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An Increase In Arrest Warrants Leads to Prison Overcrowding

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Prison overcrowding was a concern even before the economy crashed. Now that we are in the middle of a recession it's an even bigger problem than before. More and more people are losing their jobs and are unable to find work. In an attempt to feed themselves and their family some individuals are doing things that they never would have done before.

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Prison Overcrowding Was A Concern Before The Economy Crashed

Instead of minor arrests like brawls and public intoxication, more and more arrests have become really serious offenses. An alarming number of the arrest warrants currently being issued are resulting in a high number of prisoners being sent to state and federal prisons. The problem is that while the number of arrest warrants is going up, the condition in the prisons is deteriorating. The government simply doesn’t have the money needed to keep the prisons properly staffed and working. As a result some state prisons are being shut down. This, combined with all the recent arrest warrants is leading to some serious overcrowding issues.

When Overcrowding Becomes A Safety, Health Issue

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In 2011 it was observed that a prison in Ohio was overcrowded by 31%. The more overcrowded the prisons become, the more the inmates safety is put at risk. Prison overcrowding is a huge problem. When a prison is overcrowded not only is the safety of the inmates who have been arrested at risk, but so is the safety of the people who have to work at the prison. One of the things that many psychologists have observed when they are dealing with inmates who have been arrested for something that has gotten them sentenced to an overcrowded prison is that the psychology of the prisoners starts to change. Even prisoners who were friendly and social previous to their arrest start to develop severe anti-social behavior.

Some of the prisoners will become increasingly violent. The biggest concern that people have with regards to the overcrowding in prisons is what the inmate is going to be like when they are released. It’s possible that as a result of living in such an overcrowded situation that they might develop PTSD and other issues that could make them a danger to their friends, family members, and neighbors.

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