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Choose directory Our lists contain only official sources for your search. You'll find the jail, prison or inmate search following the steps on the following pages. You will be offered two options to narrow your search: county or state. Choose the directory that applies. Results are addresses, phone numbers and if online reports are available at that location.
Local authority within state boundaries that governs smaller communities.
Detention facility with criminal detainees awaiting trial or serving shorter sentences.
Person in the custody of law enforcement for alleged illegal activity. Prisoner or convict.
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Accomplices and partners in crime

We have done a bit of work to maintain every jail's address, phone number and website link to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use this free tool to find inmates. Some agencies charge for copies of criminal histories and statistics; we lead you to the point of doing it yourself and finding the person you're after. Accomplices are sites and individuals we associate with. In some way, they have helped us and the website progress, making this and every other page possible. Our linking friends can be found on the partners page.

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