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Crime Reporting

By Staff Editor

Being a reporter in a small town is never easy. Your editor expects you to be able to turn in a certain amount of articles every single month. The problem is that finding inspiration for the articles you are expected to write isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you are a reporter in a rural county were nothing exciting ever seems to happen.

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Finding News In A County Jail Inmate Search

One of the things that you might want to consider is a county jail inmate search. The great thing about being able to run a county jail inmate search is the sheer amount of information that you can collect from what is really a very simple task. When you run a county jail inmate search on the inmates that are currently incarcerated in your local county jail, you will find out all sorts of information, everything from their arrest record, to the amount that their bail was set for, to the address at which they can receive mail. As a reporter you will be able to use this information to find all sorts of information that you can use to start to set up a story that you think that your editor will really like.

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Search Smarter Not Harder

The trick to a successful county jail inmate search is to be able to do one that is both quick and accurate. One of the things that many reporters have tried to do is conducting a simple Google search. While this might provide you with the information that you are looking for, it is hardly an efficient system. The first problem with using Google to run a county inmate search is that you have no way of determining how accurate the information that you find is going to be. More than one person has thought that they have found very interesting information about an inmate only to discover that the information they collected from Google was actually several years old and out of date.

A far more accurate method for running a county jail inmate search is to use a database that is devoted to inmate searches. The information that you get from the database will be accurate and up to date. You’ll even be able to use the database to search county jails by state.

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Accomplices and partners in crime

We have done a bit of work to maintain every jail's address, phone number and website link to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use this free tool to find inmates. Some agencies charge for copies of criminal histories and statistics; we lead you to the point of doing it yourself and finding the person you're after. Accomplices are sites and individuals we associate with. In some way, they have helped us and the website progress, making this and every other page possible. Our linking friends can be found on the partners page.

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