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County jails with an inmate search

Below is a list of all the states with something in common; related state directories are linked together from those pages. To make searching less complicated, we recommend using the button on the right. How the selection system works is simple; Click start, choose the type of facility, state or local, then decide if you want the main jail or an available inmate search. Not all online services will be available at all times.

What you might find with an inmate search

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Out of all the counties United States, 6 are named "Delaware". Most have their own facilities but not all. The phone numbers below will get you in touch with them quickly and by asking the official agency's staff, you are sure to get accurate information.
Delaware County Jail 304 East Delaware Street, Manchester, Iowa 52057 (563) 927-3135
Delaware County Jail 100 West Washington Street, Muncie, Indiana 47305 (765) 747-7870
Delaware County Jail 280 Phoebe Lane, Delhi, New York 13753 (607) 746-2336
Delaware County Jail 844 U.S. 42, Delaware, Ohio 43015 (740) 368-1885
Delaware County Sheriff 327 South 5th Street, Jay, Oklahoma 74346 (918) 253-4531
Delaware County Prison 500 Cheyney Road, Thornton, Pennsylvania 19373 (610) 361-3200
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Data and record collections

Not all facilities have the ability or legal right to provide sensitive information like population databases across the internet. Fortunately, most will suggest limited manual means of verifying if a person is in custody. One of the more popular requests concerns jail archives. Jails and prisons kept registers so everyone "booked" into the grey bar hotel was recorded, creating unparalleled historical and genealogical sources for researchers and family members alike. Interactive databases are available from many modern courthouses.

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