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Inmate Search
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Tools to lookup information

Using this website to get results the fastest or as a research tool: To find an inmate using this tool you must first look up the facility for the options available; Not all counties report online.
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How to do an inmate search

When trying to find a jail's phone number, dialing the local information number or using a local area phone book's "Blue" or "Government" pages should work well for anyone living in the same jurisdiction as the jail (dialing information might add fees to a phone bill).

Information to ask for over the phone:

  • Who is the Arresting Agency?
  • What are the charges or accusations?
  • Get details about the facility where they are, or will be, housed (addresses and phone numbers of locations are likely to be different).
  • Is the person eligible for bail or bond? How much? Who are approved bonding agencies?

Callers may be asked for personally identifying information to establish a relationship to the person being held and/or other questions that may be used to determine whether or not information can be released to them.

Searching online

Online directories can be more useful to people who are looking for an inmate in a different geographic region than themselves, if they know the holding county's name but not the state and/or want to call several places to find out if a person is there.

If searching online, get better results by keeping search phrases exact and simple; type in just the name of the county (or city), the word county (or city), the word jail and then the state's abbreviation. Because different regions and localities may use different terminology, if the current search results don't contain a website with the state or county's name in the URL (main website address) or the sites visited from the current search results aren't helpful, alternately replace the word "jail" with synonyms like "detention center" or "prison" to refine the request.
examples: Nameofthecounty County jail CA - Jones County jail AR - Jefferson County detention center TX - Cumberland County prison PA

More online search suggestions:

  • For state inmates, those with felony convictions, search with the state's name and either "DOC" or "Department of Corrections".
  • Some search engines can give more exact results for county websites using an older convention for naming official web addresses; try using "CO" in place of the word "county" or "CI" in place of "city".
  • If you have some information already, other alternative words to search for/with are the address, phone number or other physical descriptions of the location.
  • If there seems to be no corrections division for the county you are trying, look up the Sheriff or Police Department to call for assistance - replace the word "jail" in the search phrase with the word "sheriff".
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Accomplices and partners in crime

We have done a bit of work to maintain every jail's address, phone number and website link to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use this free tool to find inmates. Some agencies charge for copies of criminal histories and statistics; we lead you to the point of doing it yourself and finding the person you're after. Accomplices are sites and individuals we associate with. In some way, they have helped us and the website progress, making this and every other page possible. Our linking friends can be found on the partners page.

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