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Inmate deaths and jail safety

In two unrelated incidents, inmates were found dead or near death by their own hands. What it often comes down to is a conflict with a lack of funding and the constitution but mistrust of jail officials almost always surrounds the deaths of inmates. Are safety and security procedures and rules at these jails really at fault? According to official investigations, including one involving the FBI, it doesn't appear that way.
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Inmates can still be a danger to themselves

While safe operations are one of the biggest concerns for any corrections institution, often it's also the cause of criticism because following protocol slows thing down and can have the appearance of deception because no one but the participants are present to experience the incidents.

Inmate Attempts Suicide

One report at the Warren County Jail in Virginia involved the attempted suicide of an inmate who was arrested on molestation charges involving a 13 year old. The accused, 36 year old Jason Eric Brill, appears to have been a person who didn't want to face prosecution and waited for an opportunity. According to Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron, "a jailer found the inmate hanging from a bed sheet while making rounds at 11:46 pm", just 26 minutes after a corrections officer had made rounds. CPR was immediately performed by jail staff and continued until medical personnel arrived. The sheriff and staff of the 79 man facility have been open and forthcoming, posting the public press release from the official Warren County website along with regular updates and news they post.

How drugs get in the jail

More recently, a heroin overdose resulted in the death of inmate Jesse Goode INSIDE the Genesee County Jail in Michigan. The autopsy and cause of death were confirmed by the FBI. Popular press seems to question the jail's staff for lack of proper protocol and detection but even with more advanced equipment, inmates can do amazing things like smuggling drugs. Some inmates are allowed outside work duties or "work release" which may allow an inmate time for unsupervised activities to conceal drugs; they usually aren't swallowing them either. In addition to budgetary restraints that don't allow the jail to purchase better equipment to see inside the human body, Sheriff Robert Pickell says they are limited by the US Constitution, "We do strip searches, looking for drugs and other contraband," he continues, "but I am prohibited by the Constitution from doing body cavity searches. I can't do that. My hands are tied by the law.".

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