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Below is a list of inmates matching your search; if there are more than 10 results, use the selectors to refine or adjust your search. Not all online services will be available at all times and updates can be delayed. If the inmate you're looking for isn't found and you're sure they are incarcerated, use the facility locator on the top right to lookup contact information to call the jail or prison for an inmate's current status.

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Name Age Gender Race City/State Verify This Record
James C Bailey44MaleWhiteKansasKansas Inmate Search
James Daniel Bailey37MaleWhiteKansasKansas Inmate Search
James Earl Bailey39MaleWhiteKansasKansas Inmate Search
James V Bailey53MaleBlackKansasKansas Inmate Search
James Vernon Bailey53MaleBlackKansasKansas Inmate Search
James W Bailey51MaleWhiteKansasKansas Inmate Search
James E Bailey44MaleBlackNebraskaNebraska Inmate Search
James H Bailey32MaleWhiteNebraskaNebraska Inmate Search
James E Bailey40MaleBlackNebraskaNebraska Inmate Search
James Bailey41MaleWhiteNebraskaNebraska Inmate Search
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