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Using The Mobile Version and Smartphone App

This page allows you to switch between the mobile and web versions of the county jail inmate search. To activate the mobile display or install the app to keep with you, choose from the options below. Inmate search mobile is an app for smartphones that uses the online directory of county jails and state prisons to stay current without updates. It's fast, accurate and has a clean design to easily read and navigate to information.

What You Might Find With An Inmate Search

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Description and Demonstration Of Mobile App

County jail inmate search is a no nonsense way to look up jails, prisons and inmates. The information stays up-to-date without updating the App; when listings change or are added, the app on your device will already have the new directory  available when you use it next.

Each page has the main facility search and tabs for all sections of the directory, there's no guessing. Using this search returns all matching facilities; each facility has a separate details page with interactive map and references.

Jails lists each state; each state has every county, regardless if there is a jail there or not, and displays the address, phone number and reference link if there is an official website. Includes other local and tribal jails.

Prisons lists all 50 states; each state displays the address and phone number for all facilities operated by that state and includes main DOC website, offender locater and private facilities.

Inmate Search lists each state; each state lists inmate searches that are accessible using the internet. Using this search looks up inmates nationwide and returns details that identify matching offenders and references to verify their current custody status.

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Accomplices and partners in crime

We have done a bit of work to maintain every jail's address, phone number and website link to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use this free tool to find inmates. Some agencies charge for copies of criminal histories and statistics; we lead you to the point of doing it yourself and finding the person you're after. Accomplices are sites and individuals we associate with. In some way, they have helped us and the website progress, making this and every other page possible. Our linking friends can be found on the partners page.

Browse the entire directory

For research and other purposes, you can browse the all the inmate search listings in alphabetical order by state on these pages:
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