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New directory and user registration

Because it's a website and phone directory of jails, this is often the first site visited by someone who got bad, potentially earth shattering, news. Situations like that don't need additional confusion or delays and we hope, to that end, you and everyone else that visits finds what they need as fast and as clearly as possible. We sincerely hope that if you found our site out of distress it has been resolved with a favorable outcome.

What you might find with an inmate search

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How to use some common services

Alphabetical Directory Ready - what's new and in the works for future enhancements.
Growing Membership - 2000 members and new toll free phone support.
Subject Lines That Expose Scam Emails - save time sorting your email.
Policy Updates - recent updates to legal pages.
Email Settings or Remove An Account

Alpha Directory Ready

Our primary goal for gathering addresses, phone numbers and web links was to assemble them into an alphabetical directory, which is now in the final stages of being "polished" but is available to use right now. Because you're already registered, links to the new "Alpha Directory" pages can be found easily after you log in because they have been added to each user's "Site Map". From the website you'll find them in the lower right menu area; look for the letters of the alphabet.

We are also testing a new concept for delivering contents to users. What we're hoping to produce is a simple, slick design with an even faster, more user efficient process than today, one that makes the physical handling of information easier. There are NO ADS OF ANY KIND in place yet and it's ALL ON ONE LONG PAGE! Because of it's sensitive nature, government employees or certain selected professionals that use our site for research purposes are invited to access this version - it's not even required to let us know what you think of it but anyone who can submit suggestions for improving it for themselves and the next user it would be a help. Except as previously noted, this version of the directory is as freely accessible as the rest of the state pages of the site and membership is not required. If this interests you or know someone it might, send a request here.

Growing Membership

Some milestone news is that you're one of 2000 members who have registered to use for research or find friends and loved ones who are incarcerated. That doesn't seem like many for such a busy site, right? Considering what that person might be going through when they reach our pages, we don't actively solicit or "Tease" new users - the signup page is the only way to know advertising is turned off when we log on - so not many people are attracted the option. A toll free number was a recent addition to every public page so in situations when someone is extremely overwhelmed or has confused us with an official agency, the caller can be personally guided to or offered the information they need. There aren't as many calls as one might expect and it is not used in any way that influences a person to promote the site socially or financially; Pretty much "Hello...What's that?...Gotcha...Got your pen handy?....Bye". We've found that a few people have registered thinking that they weren't getting full access until they had signed up, which is being addressed as a design issue, but it wasn't determined to be deceptive, just confusing.

Subject lines that expose scam emails

One of the hardest things to do is delete unread email but it's easier when lazy spammers tell you what to look for. Many spam emails come with legitimate offers from advertisers but aren't modified or customized; someone had a good email "subject" and everyone followed that example or simply left the advertisers message intact. One visual cue to set for yourself is placing the "From Email" column next to the "Email Subject". Adding or changing the settings that will display subjects alphabetically and by date completes the effect and multiple addresses with the same subject line can be spotted in blocks. The offers change all the time, stay for a while, then disappear only to return for one last chance at deception.

The second wave coincides with news stories about the scam making it popular for the general public to attempt. Seriously. Another thing you can watch for is sales pitches from your friends or even your own email account. This isn't just a sign that someone figured out an email address; a stranger to you may have gotten into the email or online account of someone you do know (or your own) and sending thousands of junk messages out looking like you did it. As much as we might say "Hey! That's weird." followed by "What's on TV tonight?", a virus scan is always the next thing to do when you see this type of email activity. Policy Updates Since your last visit, there may have been changes in one or more of our legal pages, such as privacy, copyright and Terms of Use. Nothing was done to affect users rights but it's always fair to mention it for us all. Every page of the site has clear links to these pages above our copyright declaration at the bottom. Most updates were in the form of editing out grammatical and structural errors though the Terms of Use were modified to specifically not suggest the possibility of considering requests for granting reprint rights or permissions to commercial sites or endeavors in respect to information we make available to the public.

How to remove your account

Don't want more email? You can still have "Ad Free" access but not receive our newsletters. To stop receiving newsletters but retain your registration; visit the site and sign in. Once signed in, click on the link titled "Settings" found in the "Welcome Member/Main Menu" area (where you log in). That link leads to YOUR settings page. In the section named "Subscribed to:" you'll find a checked box in front of "Ad Free". Uncheck the box, scroll down, click the button titled "Save Settings" and you're done.

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Tools to lookup information

Using this website to get results the fastest or as a research tool: To find an inmate using this tool you must first look up the facility for the options available; Not all counties report online.

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