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Type in as much as you know; theĀ CJIS search can match requests as basic as a local phone number, street name, city or zipcode. If an inmate's location is unknown, enter the full name of the state or county where the person was living or arrested for the current offense. Not all facilities have online services. Results include complete addresses or known contact details and may indicate additional options.

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inmate search
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There are 7 listings related to dekalb county jail alabama

Dekalb County Jail 2801 Jordan Road SW, Fort Payne, Alabama 35968 (256) 845-8565 Dekalb County Jail Alabama map and info
inmate search most wanted Sheriff
DeKalb County Jail 215 East 8th, Auburn, Indiana 46706 (260) 925-3365 DeKalb County Jail Indiana map and info
warrants sex offenders court case records
DeKalb County Jail 109 West Main, Maysville, Missouri 64469 (816) 449-5802 DeKalb County Jail Missouri map and info
DeKalb County Jail 4425 Memorial Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30032 (404) 298-8500 DeKalb County Jail Georgia map and info
inmate search most wanted sex offenders Sheriff's page visitation
DeKalb County Jail 150 North Main Street, Sycamore, Illinois 60178 (815) 895-4177 DeKalb County Jail Illinois map and info
warrant search sex offenders Sheriff visitation schedule inmate accounts inmate mail
DeKalb County Jail 100 South Public Square, Smithville, Tennessee 37166 (615) 597-4043 DeKalb County Jail Tennessee map and info
inmate search Sheriff Kemper County Jail, DeKalb, Mississippi
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Facility Details and Maps

For more information and maps for each county, click the icon directly to the right of the zipcode or phone number. Any additional locations and online features will follow the main listing. Addresses for some facilities or agencies is approximate, call for the most current status and verify the accuracy of what you find online. The directory is updated and maintained but may include imperfections due to new or changing sources, please report any corrections. Details often include other official sites with similar content but different update times/schedules.

Search Suggestions:

Unlike other searches; the more specific you are in your request, the better your results will be. There is no need for additional characters: The first word in a query is given more priority, decending to the last word. Using authority words like county, city or state will filter out irrelevant search results.