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Soaking tampons in alcohol to get drunk

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Some parents might think their kids aren't learning anything in school, but they are definitely getting a education in physiology. It's nothing new to ingest chemicals through the skin; analgesic and smoking cessation patches are used everyday to absorb doses externally. Teens have taken this one step further with vodka soaked tampons to hide getting drunk.

Start of the body

They call it getting high

In what can be considered private and taboo to school officials, kids and teens are soaking tampons in liquor, like vodka, then inserting them as usual; Believe it or not boys are getting into it too. Another method for getting the booze into their blood stream is a twist on the old party favorite "Beer Bong", which has also been found useful when used somewhere other than the mouth.

Health Risks

All this has health care officials concerned, and rightfully so. When ingested directly into the bloodstream through the vagina or anus the body can't dispose of the poison itself because the body doesn't have the same physical reactions that a "Drinking" person would have, such as throwing up. Eventually it can build up and cause alcohol poisoning.

It doesn't work like they think

Using the methods above will certainly do the job of getting one drunk and teens somehow believe it's not detectable because they aren't actually putting the liquid in their mouths. What they didn't read in their internet studies of alcohol absorption was that alcohol comes out of the body during expiration and a breathalyzer measures alcohol in the bloodstream; even without the smell of the drink, the smell of alcohol itself can't be hidden because it is expelled through the lungs.

A note from history

Unconfirmed reports and "wives tales" traced to Russia and Poland tell of alcoholics that found themselves outcasts because of their condition who would soak their hands and feet in vodka to get their "fix" and keep the smell of liquor off their breaths a while longer. Many of these tales end in finding many such alcoholics dead from severe alcohol poisoning after dosing off or blacking out while still soaking.

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