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County Jail Index

Jails are listed here in a variety of ways; Choose from the list of states, popular counties or search from the alphabetical directory. If you also need to search for inmates, use the state directories because they have locally specific sections for any available lookups and also prison listings. Use the button on the right to look up other types of inmates or facilities.

What you might find with an inmate search

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From here you can search by state, by county or select from one of the popular counties.
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Counties with the most common names

STR82U.COM has a reference page with the county jail inmate search predefined for several hundred local detention centers and state correctional facilities. For phone number and addresses, try the version of the county jail address directory that's unabridged or one's that lists only phone numbers or official websites.
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Data and record collections

Not all facilities have the ability or legal right to provide sensitive information like population databases across the internet. Fortunately, most will suggest limited manual means of verifying if a person is in custody. One of the more popular requests concerns jail archives. Jails and prisons kept registers so everyone "booked" into the grey bar hotel was recorded, creating unparalleled historical and genealogical sources for researchers and family members alike. Interactive databases are available from many modern courthouses.

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There are other ways to search including this collection of nothing but inmate searches listed by state, 10 states per page:
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