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County jails with an inmate search

Below is a list of all the states with something in common; related state directories are linked together from those pages. To make searching less complicated, we recommend using the button on the right. How the selection system works is simple; Click start, choose the type of facility, state or local, then decide if you want the main jail or an available inmate search. Not all online services will be available at all times.

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Out of all the counties United States, 5 are named "Dallas", the largest system is in Texas. Most have their own jail but four do not. The phone numbers below will get you in touch with them quickly and by asking the official facility or officers
Dallas County Jail 988 Selfield Road, Selma, Alabama 36703 (334) 874-2585
Dallas County Jail 106 South Charlotte Street, Fordyce, Arkansas 71742 (870) 352-2002
Dallas County Jail 201 North Nile Kinnick Drive, Adel, Iowa 50003 (515) 993-5815
Dallas County Jail 204 South Poplar Street, Buffalo, Missouri 65622 (417) 345-2441
Dallas County Jail 111 West Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75202 (214) 761-9025
  • North Tower Detention Facility 111 West Commerce Street, Dallas 75202 (214) 653-2907
  • Kays Jail 111 West Commerce Street, Dallas 75202 (214) 962-5800
  • George Allen Jail 600 Commerce Street, Dallas 75202 (214) 653-6092
  • Decker detention center 899 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75202 (214) 653-8500
  • West Tower Detention Facility 111 West Commerce Street, Dallas 75202 (214) 653-2907

Follow the link to view jails for all counties that begin with the letter D
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