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County jail and inmate search

Know the difference between institutions where you can locate inmates?
Prison inmates have felony conviction(s) and are housed by the state department of corrections on a long-term basis. People waiting for their court date or serving time for misdemeanors offenses are confined in a detention facility traditionally operated by the Sheriff.

What You Might Find With An Inmate Search

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A. How to get help finding an inmate or jail
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  2. Post a question to all site members
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  4. Search this site
B. Navigation and Listings
  1. Fastest Way To Search
  2. How To Read Listings
  3. Information Sources, Corrections and Additions
D. Instructions
  1. Demonstration of the TDCJ offender search
  2. Demonstration of the IDOC inmate search (Illinois)
  3. Demonstration of the West Virginia Regional Jail inmate search
  4. County Jail Inmate Search Demonstration
  5. Mobile web and smartphone app
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F. Forum and Articles
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Fastest Way To Search

Find the link titled "Site Map" from the "Login" and "Main" menu area which is found in the lower left hand corner of every page. Click it to choose from all 50 U.S. states in three categories as you see below. Other options are also listed there. login area image
(You don't have to sign up to use the site)
the site map

The Easy Way To Search

Step 1
Found at the top of several pages and sections, this button can get you started or back on track.
start area
Step 2
Choosing "State Prison" leads to the index for the prisons directory. Choosing "County Jail" leads to another, more specific option as seen below.
jail and prison
Step 3
Choosing "Inmate Search" leads to the index for the directories with available searches. The "County Jail" button on this menu displays the table of contents for the jail listings.
another selection

How to Read Listings

Listings include the address and phone number of county jails or detention facilities they use plus web links to official sites and searches if they are available.
a complete listing
  1. The name of the county and title of the facility are first, which may also be a link to the official website for that location if they have one.
  2. Physical locations are included, not mailing addresses or PO boxes if it can be helped.
  3. Phone numbers are the most important search tool; talking to real people can be more informative and current and almost anyone can take the number to go on a cellphone.

  4. inmate search button The asterisk "*" tells you there is a way to lookup prisoners at that jail, such as an online search form. On directory pages like the one in the example above, you'll also find a button marked "Inmate Search", as seen below, that displays the current list of options offered by different counties.

Sources, Corrections and Additions

The website is very clear in several places that our directory is an original publication and printed directory. The information contained in the site was collected from public sources found online and through other directory services. Listings were verified by direct contact with facilities or information collected from official websites and organizational listings. Corrections or Additions to the directory may be submitted if you contact us.

How To Delete An Account

To delete an account manually, you must be logged into the account. After deletion you will no longer be able to log in or view the site without the advertising and tracking enabled. You will also lose any ability to edit any posts or comments made on this site.
  1. Go to the account deletion page located at
  2. Enter the password for the account
  3. Add an optional comment for why you are deleting your account.
  4. Check the confirmation box and click "Submit" to finalize the process.

Stop Our Newsletters

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the link "Settings" found below your username.
  3. Uncheck any boxes located under the heading "Subscriptions"
  4. Click "Save Settings" to finalize your settings.
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Accomplices and partners in crime

We have done a bit of work to maintain every jail's address, phone number and website link to make sure everyone has the opportunity to use this free tool to find inmates. Some agencies charge for copies of criminal histories and statistics; we lead you to the point of doing it yourself and finding the person you're after. Accomplices are sites and individuals we associate with. In some way, they have helped us and the website progress, making this and every other page possible. Our linking friends can be found on the partners page.

Browse the entire directory

For research and other purposes, you can browse the all the inmate search listings in alphabetical order by state on these pages:
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