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Corrections And Inmate News

Events are happening all the time that are mostly unrelated except that they have inmates, jails, prisons or the corrections industry in common. Reports are both statistical and informative with official statements and public records to corroborate facts; each summary below describes a different topic with a link to the full story. If you have news or questions about the criminal justice system, submit your suggestions here.

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Racial Profiling In Georgia Jails

The Sheriff of Cobb County was the first in the State of Georgia to make use of the authority of 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act which allows the to perform certain Immigration enforcement functions to determine if some of the detainees in the Cobb County Jail in Marietta are genuine citizens or in the United States illegally. Accusations are that this agency engages in racial profiling but the number of deportees to their credit is impressive.
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Ways Jails And Prisons Operate Stores

Giving inmates access to additional items through a commissary may seem to be a undeserved privilege but it helps correctional staff by improving inmate morale through providing activities and satisfaction. Sales are not only a creative way to defray operating expenses but they contribute to the economies of communities where inventory is acquired.
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Inmate Work Release Programs

It might seem that the only ones who benefit from the county jail having a work release program are inmates, but managed properly the county jails can come out ahead and provide employment, rehabilitation, victim compensation, and keep eligible inmates occupied who would otherwise take up space on a cell block being unproductive.
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Inmates With Mental Illness

A reason that people are becoming vocal about the subject of county jail safety is because some inmates have serious mental illnesses. Most people tend to think of jail as the place that criminals are put so that society as a whole will be safe or that every person is guilty of some kind of crime. What we may lose sight of is that when there are a large number of people living in heavily cramped quarters, there will be problems. Since the average county jail is currently over crowded, concerns about early release selection and inmate safety are being raised.
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More Jail Closures Announced

More jails and correctional facilities are shutting down, putting people out of work, and creating concerns of mismanagement by jail officals or disregard for the laws they are serving to protect. Not all closures are due to financial problems or corrupt of public officials, one takes a step toward eliminating privatized inmate housing to make better use of funding.
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Sending Postal Correspondance And Electronic Mail To Inmates

Unlike the standard telephone services that are common in nearly every penitentiary or detention facility, sending email to inmates and online video visitation are only available at those with the neccessary interface devices which can be expensive or labor intensive, even unsafe, if not managed and maintained properly in a secure environment. Exploitation of personal communications can be a risk with untrusted providers but there should be no expectation of privacy when communicating with anyone in a correctional institution.
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Supreme Court Defends And Approves Strip Searches In County Jails

While most believe that this ruling will lead to abuse, the truth of the matter is that jails have been strip searching inmates since day one. One Justice said "the circumstances of the arrest were of little importance. Instead," The Justice continued, "[the defendant's] entry into the general jail population gave guards the authorization to force him to strip naked."
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Helping Inmates With Arrest Records Start Over

While the prisoner is still serving their sentence, more and more are working with prison psychologists to learn behavioral and societal rules that they might not have learned while growing up. The hope is that by modifying not just their behavior, but the way they respond to certain situations, that inmates will be less likely to get rearrested after release.
From Public Arrest Records

Using Inmate Information As A Free People Search

One of the last free searches for people involves inmates and detainees. The idea of county jail inmates searches might seem silly, but there are lots who feel that they are a very important free people search. The process of finding inmates is relatively unimpeded because a person that is being held in a correctional facility has little to no privacy rights.
From Free People Search

Crime Reporting

Being a reporter in a small town is never easy. The problem is that finding inspiration for the articles you are expected to write isn’t always easy. A county jail inmate search for the inmates that are currently incarcerated in your local county jail will find all sorts of information, everything from their arrest record, to the amount that their bail was set for, to the address at which they can receive mail. As a reporter you will be able to use this information to find all sorts of information that you can use to start a story that your editor will really like.
From Crime Reporting

Inmate Life - More Than You See On TV

What most people see on television about jail and arrests usually only shows the public what the "booking in" process looks like. After being put into general population, inmates don't have much to do; an average day for the common inmate is not what reality television portrays, it's much more boring. It's true that some jails have satellite or cable, but watching TV all day isn't as much fun as it sounds, not when you can't leave during commercials. Let's go to jail.
From Inmate Life - A Day In Jail

When Jail Records Indicate Recidivism

One of the things that jail records reveal is that individuals who have been released, return; this is recidivism. Ideally, jail records would indicate that most prisoners learned their lesson and never committed another crime but instead, they indicate that at least 2/3rds of the individuals released from state or federal prisons end up going back.
From When Jail Records Indicate Recidivism

Inmate Search And VINE

A problem with being the victim of a crime is that you find yourself wondering what the perpetrator is doing; Watching them go to trial and get sentenced for their is the first step towards healing but an inmate search can help you make sure the person is still locked away and V.I.N.E., the acronym for Victim Information Notification Everyday, is a service that informs victims about the inmates's release date and changes in their custody status.
From Inmate Search And VINE

Arrest Warrants And Prison Overcrowding

Prison overcrowding is a huge problem. When a prison is overcrowded not only is the safety of the inmates who have been arrested at risk, but so is the safety of the people who have to work at the prison. One of the things that many psychologists have observed when they are dealing with inmates who have been arrested for something that has gotten them sentenced to an overcrowded prison is that the psychology of the prisoners starts to change.
From Arrest Warrants And Prison Overcrowding

Teens soak tampons in vodka for high

In what can be considered private and taboo to school officials, kids and teens are soaking tampons in liquor, like vodka, then inserting them as usual; Boys are getting into it too. Another method for getting the booze into their blood stream is a twist on the old party favorite "Beer Bong", which has been used somewhere other than the mouth.
From Vodka Soaked Tampons

Differences Between Jails and Prisons

While the terms have been used to refer to both, there are differences between jails and prisons that are covered that show the seperation between local and state agencies.
From Differences Between Jail and Prison

Online visitation for inmates and their families

County facilities recently announced systems for families to visit with an inmate online from the comfort and privacy of home using the Internet. From the county website Sheriff Gary Schaffer said, “First and foremost, it will benefit our officer's safety..." but to long distance family it's a leap into the future.
From Inmate Video Visitation

Inmate deaths and jail safety

Concerns about inmate safety and mistrust of jail officials surround the deaths of inmates. While safe operations are one of the biggest concerns for any corrections institution, often it's also the cause of criticism because following protocol slows thing down and can have the appearance of deception. In two unrelated incidents, inmates were found dead or near death by their own hands. Are safety and security procedures and rules at these jails at fault? According to official investigations, including that of the FBI, it doesn't appear that way.
From Inmate Deaths and Jail Safety

User Registration and New Directory Section

This is more informative including tips for identifying spam email messages by the title of the subject. More details about the separate directory section; listings are done in 26 pages for cross reference searches. User registration is up but without advertising that there is an advertising free version for professionals and frequent users. In reverse, users that no longer access thier accounts can delete the information stored about them.
From Alphabetical Jail Directory

How To Do An Inmate Search

When searching for inmates online, get better results by keeping phrases exact and simple; type in just the name of the county (or city), the word county (or city), the word jail and then the state's abbreviation. Because different regions and localities may use different terminology, if the current search results don't contain a website with the state or county's name in the URL (main website address) or the sites visited from the current search results aren't helpful, alternately replace the word "jail" with synonyms like "detention center" or "prison" to refine the request.
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